About our Salsa Classes

Dance Unlimited was founded by Suman and Rachel back in 2004. It came about because of our common love for Latin street dance and the passion for life. We are made of up individuals with an appetite for life and who simply just wanna make dancing fun for all. Our instructors are well-established in the local and regional Salsa dance scene, having competed, performed and taught throughout Asia and garnered accolades for their contribution. So don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

There isn’t a dull moment when learning with Dance Unlimited. Take the plunge, join us for a class and don’t forget to bring along your sense of humour. 


Salsa Dance Instructors

A little trivia about the people you'll be dancing with:


    • Thinks that retail therapy can only take place at Sim Lim or Funan
    • Can recommend an awesome hair stylist to anyone who likes his signature do
    • Prefers that women not smack his face with their ponytails while dancing 
    • Loves his two-wheel ride, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of cool wind in his  hair eyebrows 
    • Can’t differentiate between ‘foot’ and ‘feet’ (listen out for this in class)
    • Burns up the dance floor with his impeccable lead and his smooth moves that hit the music fast and furious
    • Has won and judged multiple competitions, performed and taught across Asia, and choreographed numerous commercials for Mediacorp
    • Is our talented and much-loved principal instructor, choreographer and slave-driver.
    • Is one helluva awesome dance teacher. He'll grow on you, that much we're sure. 


    • Thinks a girl should not need to justify owning more than 3 pair of dance shoes
    • Likes colourful knick-knacks that have no apparent function or value
    • Would be happy to sit around eating chocolate all day and creatively visualize  her way to killer abs
    • Prefers that guys avoid hitting her head and messing her out-of-bed, messy hair look while dancing. 
    • Would love to tango with Antonio Banderas one day
    • Simply cannot, for the life of her, tell right from left or clockwise from anti-clockwise (listen out for this in class)
    • Is a mean spinning machine… have a go, if you can
    • Has won competitions of her own and performed  and taught across Asia
    • Is our lovely ladies-styling instructor and choreographer.

Salsa Dance Instructor


    • Thinks good things come in small packages.
    • Can't get enough of jewellery and accessories - the more the merrier!
    • One and only life's goal is to grow a few inches taller. She's still working on it.
    • Is more of a sneakers kinda gal when she's not in Latin heels
    • Is (really) the only fan of the lame jokes she cracks in class. True story.
    • Has been dancing since before she could remember and dabbled in various dance forms from Ballet to Hip Hop, and, fortunately, found Salsa.
    • Is no stranger to the stage, having danced in numerous competitions and performed at countless local and overseas events
    • Is our chilli padi of a dance instructor and performer. Join her for a beer or two at salsa night outs after class!